Partners - Yvonne van der Merwe

Yvonne, an Industrial Psychologist, is a co-founder and managing partner of Competence Incorporated.

The fledging stages of Yvonne’s corporate career saw her lecture at the University of Stellenbosch to graduate and post-graduate students in Industrial Psychology and more specifically Industrial Relations.

She then practiced as an Industrial Relations Specialist within the food and transport sector, focusing on procedures, practices and related training. She also played an integral role as a member of the project team which spearheaded change initiatives within Transnet, the sole provider of rail and harbour facilities in South Africa.

Yvonne concluded her corporate career as a Senior Manager within the Transnet Group, taking responsibility for Training and Development.

Since 1994, Yvonne’s experience as an independent consultant has been signposted by assessing for purposes of selection, restructuring and development; facilitating change initiatives as part of merger support or organisational development projects and facilitating emotional intelligence programs against the backdrop of fast track leadership development programs.

Her areas of expertise include: